World widest garden

world widest garden.You can not think that there will be a wide beautiful garden of flowers in the middle of a desert. But it is true. Dubai Miracle Garden is situated in the middle of 18 acres of that land. There are more than 45 million  flowers in this garden. The garden is shaped in most beautiful condition. In this garden flowers are shaped in hearts, circles, in the shape of buildings and many other different designs and  shapes. The way of walking in the garden is not simple it is covered with different shapes of flowers in the garden like umbrellas and different shapes of circles. All of them are woven beautifully.

It is opened on valentine’s day  of 2013. The purpose of it is to make a visitor place. Even the watering system of this garden is also very good. In this garden after the use of water can be recycle. Water is conveyed to the flowers through drip system so that water do not evaporate.

With this system they save seventy five percent water and energy. The scene of the garden changes in every season to entertain visitors of the garden. The flag of UAE is made in this garden with lakh of flowers.

Clock of flowers, a car decorated with flowers with a driver. There are 45 types of flowers in this garden that are taken from the whole world.

Thes flowers are collected from all over the world. There are many Conveniences like open parking, VIP parking, sitting areas, prayer rooms, wheelchairs for handicapped people and many other services for the people.

According to some people, the name of this garden is going to be written in Guinness Book of World record. Most of the people who visit it called it “a little piece of Eden”.