A Thai man has made a world record of kissing 19 venomous cobras. Mr Kam Chaiyabootaradee cobra show man from Konkaen who is 45 year old kissed 19 most venomous cobra snakes, for this he spent time less then 1 hour. The purpose of the show was to break the previous record of Gordon Clatts an American, he had made this record in 25 april 1999 when he kissed 11 venomous snakes and made a record Kam Chaiyabootaradee is spending his life with snakes fromyear previous  few years. He said that only three time he was bitten by a snake. According to the rules of  Guinness World Record Book a kiss to the snake will consider when someone kiss it on his head, it will be considered a successful kiss but if snake bite during this it will not consider. Kam Chaiyabootaradee said that he has do a lot of practice for it as for this we need strong body and muscles.

This show was held in Ripley Museum. Now Kam Chaiyabootaradee is registered in the Guinness Book as a man who could continuously to the world’s venomous snakes. Many Thai and foreigners come to see this show. A doctor who was come from Bangkok named Dr. Phurint Sutantaviboon examine Mr Kam Chaiyabootaradee, he checked his blood pressure,  respiratory system and beating of the heart and said that Mr Kam Chaiyabootaradee is physically fit to start the show to break the world record.

                 After the check up of Mr Kam Chaiyabootaradee the assistants and officers brought 19 venomous snake and they squeezed venom from the 19 snakes and showed it to the tourists. So Mr Kam Chaiyabootaradee made to kiss 19 snakes continuously.