You have to forget London, Peris, New york and Hong kong. There are some cities that will be the richest cities of the world after 10 years. According to specialists of Mckinsey’s report they will not only the richest cities of the world but also will be include to the first ten big cities of the world.

Doha Qatar:

Doha is the capital of the Qatar. It is a modern and rapidly developing city. Qatar is also include in the richest countries of world, for the world cup of 2022 the country is increasing its investment.

Bergen Norway:

Bergen is a second big city by population. It also plays an important role in the economics of country. According to specialists soon this city will be included in the richest cities of the world.

Trodheim Norway:

Trodheim is birthplace of mobile technology. In this place there is invented the standard of G.S.M in 1980. This city is making progress in the field of technology.

Hawaseong, Gyeonggi, Southern Korea :

Although this city is not known out of Southern Korea. But this city is making progress in every field of life. In this city there arebrewage research  brewages of Samsung and LG.

Asan Southern Korea:

Like Hawaseong, Gyeonggi the neighbour there are also big industrial complex in Asan. It is also doing itself for making progress.

Rain Rot, Germany:

Rain Rot is one of the first successful city areas. After Peris and London it is 3rd big city of Europe. There are many power house and financial institutions on this area.

Macau China:

How rapidly things change, its big example is Macau. It was fallen with economic crisis. Now specialists are saying that it will be in the first ten richest city of the world