unending story of husband and wife’s love

Unending story of husband and wife’s love. This is a strange and odd story between the stories of husband and wife. You have not listen ir before.

In China, a woman gave his husband divorce who is fallen by the disease of paralyseband than married with her best friend, Now both new husband and wife are care taking that paralysed person.

A inhabitant of china, named Xu Xihan city Ankang married to Xie Xiping in 1996. They were blessed with a beautiful daughter next year. They were leading a very pleasant life. After few years Xie Xiping gave birth to a beautiful healthy son. After this they were very glad to see their son. But unfortunate was on their door in 2002, whe Xu Xihan was fallen by a disease of paralysis, from back. Now he can not walk.

They got six lakh rupees from their Government. In these hard moments of life, their neighbors said that your wife will leave you within three months. But Xie Xiping has proved all their neighbors wrong by serving her husband and children.

However Xu Xihan wants to see his wife happy in her life, Xu Xihan suggested to marry with a boy, who care her in her life. Faithful wife denied to new marriage constantly.

In 2009 Xie Xiping married to her best friend. Now she gave birth to a beautiful and cute son of her new husband, instead of it she is serving her ex husband and children. This shows the deep love of both husband and wife that her husband wants to see her happy in the life, and Xie Xiping also wants to see her husband happy and serve him and her children. So she married and serving her family with heart.