Tips to get a long life-Read it and follow it

Tips to get a long life.Many people want to enjoy long life with their parents and children and want to make their moments memorial. So their is good news for those people who wants to do this. If you want to live long than you have to do this. If your day starts with ordered situation and positive thinking than your whole day will passed fresh and happy. But there are how many people who follow this. Many women do some faults at the starting of the day that leads them to great worry on their whole day.

Many working women are also fall in its victim and also house wives. So when they go to the bed at night they feel tired themselves, as they have no power even to move to 10 feet.

You have just to do that, get up early in the morning and made some changes in your daily routine and than saw how your day passed fresh and happy. There are some suggestions to pass your day of starting with which way.

At the first you have to do exercise at first, according to the specialists few hours of starting days are very useful and important, if you uses these few hours with correct and ordered way than your whole day will pas in positive way. They also said that if you leads your 10 minutes in first sun than it is very useful for your health and also for your mind. You have to sit motionless for five minutes after waking in the morning. Dont move this will effort to your mind to wake up and to minimize your laziness.

After this you have to do some exercise. If you are a working woman and you sits for hours on table than exercise is very necessary for you. So with this you will also be able to lead your life with happiness.