Monthly users of Facebook messenger

monthly users of Facebook messenger increasing.Face book has crossed a very good and important way of connect now. The quantity of the monthly active users of Face book messenger is now up to one billion.  The quantity of the active users of the messenger was up to 700 million in June in last year. The quantity of the WhatsApp users was also increased one billion in Feb. its meaning is, every seventh person in the world is using Face book Chat. People send seventy billion pictures to their friends through Messenger every month.

Face book has included an Easter egg to make memorial this event of the quantity of the active users increased up to one billion monthly, which can be seen by sending balloon to any one Face book user.

Face book has also appeared messenger games and many other things on this occasion; according to this the very popular sticker of the Messenger is angry bird. People send twenty two million GIFs daily, according to this information they send 254 GIFs in every second. Basket ball game had been played for 1_2 million times on Face book.  Soccer game had been played for 250 million times. 360 million messages had been sent at the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

According to the company Face book is the second most popular in Apple’s IOS system behind the Face book. It is the world’s largest social network. Its founder Mark Zuckerberg  founded it in 2004 initially as an exclusive network.

Messenger decided to unveil a new Emoji of Easter egg in order to celebrate the active users of Face book. Face book said that we hope to send one billion thank you in the form of a new floating gift that everyone can use it.