short cut to get Government Job

short cut to get Government Job. Now a days poor people can not find Government job easily.

You often say or listen that from a unemployed person from his parents and if you asked from them the way to get Government job than they will reply that only money and omits are only way to get Government jobs.

Although it is right at some limit, but it is not necessary that this is react on every job and every institution. If you asked from your relatives who are government officers, asked from ten of them that are doing government jobs that if they are selected on the base of merit or some other reasons according to them but mostly from them, believe it, they were selected on merit.

Mostly people of our country are mostly poor class or middle class. Who became worry when their son passed matric.

Many of the youngers, who are seeking job after passing intermediate and graduation. I thought if you do any type of work with good way and hard working than you will not need to do hard working to seek job.

However you can find many jobs in private sectors, if you seek,  but because very big class like to do government jobs and they mostly try to achieve it.

So I want to introduce you with a short cut to get government job that is very effective.

This short cut is called stenography meaning to write short hand and the people who know to write short hand called stenographer.

What is stenography?

It is consisted on two things.

English short hand writting.

The words that are pronounced in english can be written in short lines, this knowledge is called short hand writting. It takes four to six months to learn stenography. You should only need 1 and half an hour on daily basis to learn it.

You should learn now short hand writting and make your fortune now.