Skeletons of dead people from the graves and to clean them

Skeletons of dead people from the graves and to clean them.There is reveal a secret in the Island of Indonesia a customary to bring out skeletons from their graves and to clean them. According to the details in the island of Indonesia named Sulawesi, the people bring out their dead relatives from the graves and clean them and dress them well and paraded in streets. They are celebrating this festival from many years; this festival is celebrating by Torajans. They said that the purpose of this festival is to strengthen bond with these dead relatives. It is celebrating from hundred of years.

People often said that you may get peace after death but in Indonesia the people ruin the peace of dead people in the graves. If you imagine it you may think that it is may a scene of horror movies, they may look like zombies.

It is festival named by The Manene festival began in the village. The Torajan said to the people that there was a animal hunter. His name was Pong Rumasek. One day he was haunting in the mountains then he found a corpse lying under a tree. He dressed the dead body in his own clothes and gave him a burial and was thinking that he was blessed with great fortune. They pick this custom from that Torajan and think that they will gave reward for their care.

In this festival they saw their relatives in new and fashionable clothes of brides and grooms. Their coffins are replaced and fixed and during this time they parade them in the streets of their villages. They believe that these paths will connect them with one another with supernatural powers according to experts they  only moves in to straight lines