To Save A Child that Fell In To Gorillas Cage, The Security Guard Killed Gorilla But In Fact Gorilla Saves The Child.

To Save A Child that Fell In To Gorillas Cage at Ohio zoo has defended its decision to kill an endangered Gorilla Harambe named Harambe, at that time when a child fell into Gorillas cage. With the death of Gorilla social media turned in to outrage. The people at the spot said that Gorilla was saving the child. The video that clipped from out of the cage showed that Gorilla has grasped the 4 year child’s hand as he was protecting the child.To Save A Child that Fell In To Gorillas Cage

As the child fell in to the cage the people began to make noise. Harambe was a 17 year old male western lowland silverblack Gorilla, was shot after the three-year-old crawled through a barrier and tumbled 4.5 meters in to the Cincinnati Zoo enclosure on saturday, His weight was 400 pound.

The zoo’s director says there was a clear danger to the toddler.

You are talking about an animal that’s over 400lb and is extremely strong. So, no, the child wasn’t under attack, but all sorts of things can happen in a situation like that. So he certainly was at risk. Thane Maynard said.

On social media, Twitter users condemn the killing, saying the zoo should have considered other options, while on Facebook a”Justice for Harambe” group now has more than 3000 likes.

Harambe was fretful when people began to make noise at this Harambe picked the child up and run into the water. The people were saying that he was treating the child as he was protecting the child.

Specialists said that although Gorilla was saving the child but the security guard has no other way.

The staff of the zoo said that If Harambe to inject with gun to be unconscious than it takes 10 minute to do work. So the security guard has to kill Gorilla.