A female teacher related from Saudi Arabia turn off the air conditioner to give punishment to the students for two hours. When this punishment was given the temperature was 50C at that time. Educational department has made a committee to do research about this.
According to a newspaper of Saudi Arabia, a teacher of eastern province of Saudi Arabia admitted that she has turned off the air conditioner for only six minutes, however girls said to the headmistress and their parents that the air conditioner was turned off for more than 2 hours.
Girls also said that the teacher gave no permission to give themselves air with book or copies to their faces and the teacher also closed the windows and doors of the class so that no air come from it. Headmistress said that she has send a notice to that teacher and order her not to give such type of punishment again to the girls. The reason is not known for which the girls got punishment. The supervisor of educational department said that we has made one research committee for research who will take reaction after the research against that teacher.
This punishment was against 50 female students. The headmistress got a lot of complaints from the parents who said some of the students have health problems.
There were students in the classroom suffered from anemia, allergies and asthma. The teacher denied the claims. The parents claimed that their daughters come to home in very bad condition. Some of the students told to their parents that the was saying “I shall let you die”.
The teacher has admitted that she turned off the air conditioner so she could listen the students reading and than quickly turned it on.