Robot escaped from the laboratory

Robot escaped from the laboratory.A robot escaped from a science lab in Russia the city of Perm. The system of traffic is effected because of this robot on the road. At the Promobot company in Perm scientists are teaching how to move with their own willingness. These features can be found in the robots of Promobot company. The CEO of the company who had made it said that in a science laboratory this robot was examined, the engineer forgot to close the gate, because of it the robot escaped from the open gate.

Engineer came to know after 45 minutes that the robot is missing, they began to find the robot after one hour, when they found the robot, the people were stand around it, the people were worried about it, police was also at the spot. The robot was not able to go far from there and then its batteries died. A robot escaped from the laboratory and caused difficulty for Russian people and police that has effected traffic system.

Promobot or Promotion robot made in Russia. Many people are saying to see the video of the robot escape that it is a way of advertisement of the company that want to make their name.

                 It ends up on a busy road and make the reason of traffic jam on the road, the citizens were very worried to see it. At that time the scene was looking like science fiction movie. It escaped to the nearby street it blocked traffic when its batteries died. According to Oleg Kivokurtsev, co-founder of the company who was finding the robot tells that robot was learning to move automatically through algorithms in the testing field. According to the company the promobot robots are able to give answer of the question, recognize people and to tell the direction.