There should be some principles to give tip, as 10 percent of the bill or to give a tip thoughtlessly, you have to regret if you do this, and when this regret is very much than you have to bear embarrassed to take back that tip and many people do not even think it.
This type of incident is held in a Thai restaurant, where one person’s bill was 60 dollar and he gave the tip of 1088 dollar.
In fact staff has feel happiness when they share this tip between them. According to the owner of the Thai restaurant Bee Anantatho, the waiter who gave service to that customer, said that he has read such type of stories but tip is few hundred dollars not one thousand dollars. However the waiter was very happy to receive this tip.
The happiness of the waiter was only for one day. Next day the customer came back and said that I was drunk I don’t know but I gave my all pocket money in tip and asking for the money back . Fortunately Bee Anantatho said to her staff to don’t spent this amount. So the staff gave back his tip but the person gave 40 dollar as,a tip to that waiter that were also very much.
Drunkenness is a thing that can take out all various types of people. Between them some people are quarrelsome and some affectionate drunks.
Bee Anantatho said that the bill was 60 dollars approximately. He still left 100 dollars of the bill and 40 dollars of the tip. Which includes a heavy tip of about 67 percent.
Anantatho theory is that he thought the hundred dollars bill were one dollar bill.
So he gave 67 percent tip to the waiter.