Pakistani team in Robocup 2016

Pakistani team in Robocup 2016.The team of Pakistani Nust students will represent Pakistan in robocup after third trail. It is their third attempt that they are trying to take part in it, our country also want to do progress in the field of technology. These feats are proving very good and fruition. The team of Nust is not only a team that is representing Pakistan but also it is choose by south Asia. Pakistani team will play against twenty seven other teams in the Standard Platform League Competition. These competitions will be held in Leipzig, Germany from 28th june to 4th july.

Basically Robocup is a robo football world cup. Its competitions are held every year.

First of all it is started in Osaka, Japan. But other companies are also interested in it so it is held on international level. The Standard Platform League focuses more attention on the software of the robots. All the teams are provided with the same robots but your robot has to prove that it can take decisions on the power of artificial intelligence.

The team of Nust has presented it self two time before it in the leadership of Doctor Yasir Ayaz, but was not able to join the competition because of unavailability of funds. Now this time university has selected to buy robots and for the trip of three students, than team Nust had also able to take part in this competition now. The three robots that are using by Nust team, are bought from France’s Aldebaran Robotics, in 17000 dollars.

This feat has been a long time in the making and has finally been brought to fruition.