Number plate of the car is more expensive than car in China

Number plate of the car is more expensive than car in China. There is a person in China, who has spend more money on the number plate of the car. You are thinking that why he has done it, if he was trying to show himself separate then others. Never it is not the reason but he was a superstitious person and has  attached special made number plates with his car, so that he got luck.

Although he has attached expensive number plates with his car but fortune was not blessed upon him,  he was caught by Police. According to the website centeral report, the name of the person was Liu. Liu, at first got driving license and than bought a car with 30000 Chinese Yuan (four lakh seventy three thousand) and a number plate he thought it will bring good luck for him, spend 10 lakh Chinese yuan (1 crore seventy five lakh rupees).

He thought that with this number plate he will be save from accidents. But his this thinking was wrong. First day he was stopped eight time from the police, but the reason of stopping the Liu was not the driving of Liu, it was the number plate.

By seeing the figures of the number plate that was consist on K-88888 Police called the Liu to stop the car, Police asked is this number plate is fake?

8 figure is considered for good luck in China as it matches with the pronunciation of China, its meaning is happiness and to be rich while in another city of China its meaning is Good luck.

So rich people spend a lot of money to get the number plates in which there is figure of 8 in the number plates. However there are very minimum number plates in which there is 8 digit in it.