Google has introduced a tool to find lost phones, before a long time ago for android users. First it was in the shape of android device manager. Now you can also find your phone from Google search engine by type “find my phone”. Now it is also available in another place. Now you can also find it on Google “my account hub”.
Like android device manager, with this tool you can activate a ringtone of your phone in loud volume that rings for 5 minutes.
You can see your lost phone’s location if you are far from your phone. That is correct with few meters difference.
If you like you can lock the screen of the phone. You can write a message for your phone founder or if you like than you can delete your data in your device and you can log out from your account.
Other than android I.O.S users will be able to use their appeal tooler in my account hub. However I Phone users only will have seen their present location. Data can be not deleted.
Android users can find their phone by typing “I lost my phone” in Google search engine and can type “show me Google account” and will be able to use this tool by going to “my account”. If your Android phone and browser from where you are searching are logged into google a map in which there will be your phone’s location will be open in the search result. If your phone is in good condition google will not only mention the location of your lost phone but will show the option to call it. Then you can call it and will find your phone.