Robots have snatched the job of receptionist in 2 hospitals of Belgium. In these hospitals the humaniod robot of named pepper are  doing duty on reception as a receptionist. Pepper talks very slowly and it can move. It welcomes the guests with very friendly manner. There is a screen on the chest of the pepper and has a round head. Pepper is world’s first robot that is working in medical center and introduced as receptionist in hospitals.

Pepper’s height is four foot and seven inches. It can move with the wheels and is specialist of twenty languages.

Pepper has also knowlege that how he have to talk with even a child and a lady. The price of pepper is thirty five lakh and thirty thousand. It has started work as an assistant of receptionist in hospitals in Liege and Ostend.

A young boy talked with pepper standing with a nurse in CHR citadel hospital centers of Liege. It talked to the boy with good manner and treated him well.

Zora Bots the company that has made the software of pepper said that the parts of pepper are made in Asia and assembled in France. It is tested in Japanese showroom and french  malls.

Spokesman said that it is first time that this robot is using in reception. These robots treat with people like a human being even it can detect it is the voice of man, woman or a child and they know how they have to talk with a child, woman or a man. He also said that it is a big progress of technology. It can help a lot of humanity as it can detect 20 languages. It is good approach for human beings.