Scientists of London have claimed that they have discovered a new and big generation of dinosaur. It was the big generation of dinosaur in earth. Russian specialists were busy in the research upon the fossil found from the river bank of the Siberia.

Know there decision is that the fossil on which they are working is a separate generation of the dinosaur. It is being matching with titino saar. According to specialists the weight of these dinosaur is 100 tun (1 lakh kg) and their hight is 40 meter (approximately 131 foot). These dinosaurs were found before 100 million year.

According to specialists these are long necked dinosaurs and they are plant eating dinosaurs. The dinosaurs who eat vegetables called herbivores, herbivores meaning is “herb eaters”. These dinosaurs can reach high into the trees and eats green leaves of the trees. A 2013 research proves that dinosaurs grew large because of their joints.

These dinosaurs had small head, flexible and long neck, big bodies and long tails. They walked slowly on the flour. They ate plants with long stem. Their footprints show that they lived in the shape of family group to protect from other meat eater dinosaurs.

It is not possible to find a head and long neck skeletons of this dinosaurs because the head of the dinosaur is small and neck is long, so the head can be easily removed from the neck said University of Alberta Doctoral student Tetsuto Miyashita. According to him this dinosaur is a cool animal if you imagine a cool and big animal, you will see that evaluation can do strange things.

Some scientists has claimed that these dinosaurs are may friends of human beings as they eat vegetables and did not spoil human beings.