Marriage ceremony of the Robots

Marriage ceremony of the Robots. All people plays with dolls in childhood and marriage their dolls and others attend the marriage ceremony. But the childhood of Japanese is not gone yet, they consider fool if they marriage the dolls so they marriage robots. This marriage of the robots is first marriage of the robots in the world. In a marriage bride and groom take part with very grace.

The bride was in white dress frock with lace while the groom was in its batteries and was looking very smart in a black bow tie. The marriage card for this marriage ceremony, there were pictures of bride and groom in a heart on the card. In the ceremony there were 100 of people and few robots. This married couple has also cut a cake in this marriage ceremony. After this there was a meal for the guests.

This marriage ceremony was organized by Maywa Denki who make electronics products. He has designed the bride Frois.

The name of the bride was Frois and the groom Yukirin, walking together came on the aisle with great grace and they wore traditional outfits. This event was held in tokyo on

Other robots attend the marriage ceremony and helped in the ceremony and were looking as, they are friends of groom.

In the event a woman wearing a beautiful white hairband adjusts one of the helper robots shirts.

The stage was very wider and was beautifully decorated with white arch complete with orange and pink hearts.

Anyone do not know if the cake is real or not but people were saying that groom had no problem to cut cake with his matelic arms. The bride and groom listened the song of an automated orchestra on the stage. The people were looking very excited at the event.