Lizard swallowed completely a man

Lizard swallowed completely a man. If you are considering that you are in a trouble, so you have to thank God for this as you are not this lizard. Probably this wonderful picture shows that this is the most difficult moment of this little lizard as its half head is in the jaws of a big king snake.

In this trouble she has no any way to escape from that king snake but this is not the story of dangerous death of any animal. Rather with this we come to know the will power of this little animal.

This photo is captured by a person, a photographer of American state California and gave the all of the details about this lizard to a britain news paper.

He said that Although lizard was swallow completely by the king snake but her half head was out from the snake’s jaw. That lizard keep attached his jaws on the king snake and was denying to eaten by the snake.

That lizard was staring at me. He said that I consider with his eyes impression that she is saying that she will not loose heart if she has to live in this condition in the whole day than she can do  it.

He also said that after few minutes the snake also loose heart at this and he threw the lizard out from his jaw.

When she saw that now she is not in the mouth of the snake, began to ran from here to escape her self.

This very little incident gave us great lesson that we should not loose heart till our last breath. Although we are swallowed completely. This is the great lesson for young generation.