Facebook slide show feature

Facebook slide show feature. To share photos and videos is a essential part of facebook, so facebook has introduced a new slide show feature for pictures and videos. If you have captured more than five pictures or videos in last 24 hours than facebook will make a video for you. You can see this video on the top of news feed. If you want you can customize this with your own wish. If you do not want to post or share it, you can ignore the slide show. This feature is like the feature that is introduced in the starting of this year, friendship video feature. If users see a slide show of his friend than they can use this feature by click on try it.

Facebook is able now to introduced 10 themes for its users. These themes uses different overly and background music. There are night, playful, nostalgic, inspired bollywood, tropical, thankful, epic, birthday, out and amped themes are present in these 10 themes.

With this feature facebook users have no need to install other applications for slide show. This feature is seen first time in moments app, after this it was checked with the special users from december.

Facebook said that it will introduced new theme soon. It will be completely introduced for all of the users at the end of this week. However the bad news for android users is that this feature will only for IVS users only in the start.