Mark Zuckerberg wants to save you from boring conversation so Facebook has included basket ball in messenger. If you are not much of a chess player than It is an addictive game. Now when people have suffered from the fever of Euro 2016 than facebook has introduced a game football in messenger It is played as basket ball. To play the game you have to start a conversation with some one and to send emoji of football, once it sent tap on football to play the game.
To drop football in the goal and to keep it in air you have to tap it for a while.
The game will be more difficult after 10 points. According to few people this is so difficult game. The game is introducing now, so some people may be are not able to play the game.
Facebook is celebrating Euro 2016 with a secret game football you can play this game on facebook messenger.
With this secret game facebook fans will be happy to play this secret game in facebook messenger application.
You should have the latest facebook version of facebook messenger application on your smartphone android or iphone, so you have to see google play to install it.