Examination paper leaked, Algeria

Examination paper leaked, Algeria temporarily blocked access on social networking sites including  Facebook, tweeter and 3G services in the whole country over examination paper leak. Algeria is the middle eastern country to block facebook, tweeter and 3G services to prevent students from cheating. Five lakh fifty five thousand students are having to retake their exam paper after the paper leaked in the country of Northern Africa in  Algeria. Social media and 3G services will restart after examination.

Algeria’s government was worried about the cheating of the students so the took decision to block facebook, tweeter and 3G services in Algeria because they want to beat exam cheat.

The result of close any social media,  puts out bad instead of good. As the character of social media is second resource after leaking of the paper.  The right mistake is of the educational system. It was final exam of the high level students of the school.

After blocking of the social media people began to try to access social media with bad ways as they began to search for the proxy, after this if government reopen it but the people uses that with proxy resources and watch other things that are blocked.

The government of  Algeria said that its police forces have arrested many people of department of education and many workers of printing press, for the blame of paper leak. The government of Algeria is investigating them.

It is not in the rights of citizens to block social networking sites including facebook tweeter and 3G  services as they want to do contact with their dears far from them. It also block the correct flow of information and news. This types of issues are being essential part of our lives.