“Don’t touch my grandmother ” a little here defending his grandmother

Don’t touch my grandmother. A little child is calling hero on social media in China, who stood against administration of the city to save his grandmother. He is a little hero with great confidence.

There can be see in a video that from the administration of city, there was taken a crack down against illegal street vendors.

During this crack down a little hero was defending his grandmother from Government authorities, he was stand in front of Government authorities without fear. That little guy picked up a steel, that was twice in his height. And he was shouting loudly do not touch my grandmother”.

The government authorities were now forced to laugh at this. And when an government officer was trying to sit him at side. He was also becoming angry with me.

This incident shows that children are true and loves their caring people and wants to care by others. However it can not saw in the video that why the child was in so anger and what step was picked by the authorities that forced the little hero to pick up a long steel pipe. And stand against the government authorities. This video is becoming very viral on Chinese social media apps. People liked it so much. He has picked up this steel pipe as a weapon. The child was probably 3 year old, was staring at the officers with anger. It is not know that what happened to the business of the grandmother.