Diet of a 2 years child

Diet of a 2 years child.One baby girl named Lily Mullins eats every thing that she see. If lily mother dont watch her than she eats all things of the house even if these things are of house luggage or cough or bathroom luggage. Lily is not fond of natural diet. She eats the things have no nourished. Even Lily eats a bathroom brush.

Mom of two kate Ovington has to constant watch on her that she do not eat any dangerous thing, the mother of Lily teaches her to dont eat such type of thing as they are not good for health but Lily has no control on her self.

When her mother force on to dont eat the luggage she hides some luggage and ponies of her mother and eats when she has occasion.

When Lily started to eat this type of things she thought it is temporary as some children do in their childhood but her mother was wonder to see    that she also eats plastic accessories. Once the screen of the mobile of Kate’s partner broke, Lily also eat it. Kate told that people said that she is a being child but I know she is not only a child. Doctors are also wonder to see the condition of Lily.

According to the doctors it may a some kind of disease named Pica. In this disease children eat stones, coins, shampoo, cigarette and other things like clothes according to the doctors. Doctors are doing researches about Pica but it is not known that what is its reason. Doctors are saying that it is very important to keep an eye on patient of this disease. As patient has to face death because of this disease. Lily dont want to the things of nutrients but eats strange and odds things. Kate is worried for the career of Lily.