There are many people who call other people with politeness but there is a British grandmother, from Wigon England that is polite to everyone, even google search engine. She is showing her extra politeness even with internet. She appealed with such love to google search engine that made google smile. She is 86 year old woman of good habits.

A tweeter user Ben John has shared the computer screen shot. In that there can be see the page of google search screen.

Ben has written in the tweet that he was very wonder to see the computer of his grandmother. His grandmother uses words of thank you and please with search commands.

Ben’s grandmother have to translate some roman numerals, she wrote in the google search engine “please translate mcmxcviii thank you”.

Google has tweet for that old woman in which google said that Hope you are well. In a world of billions of searches, your made us smile, Thank you.

The team of google UK also said to the grandmother that there is no need of thank you. After it when Ben asked the reason to use the word of please and thank you than grandmother said that she consider it rule.

The picture that Ben shared is retweets for 17 thousand time and 26 thousand liked it.

We bring out the lesson with the behaviour grandmother that there is no need of any where and any time misbehave with any one if anyone wants to talk with politeness he can talk with even google search engine. Smile is a important thing of our life this old woman made google smile.