Robot will presented for sale on traditional bases in 2017.
British electronics company has produced such expert robot which can not only make 10 or 12 dishes rather can make 2000 dishes of various types. After coming back from job women and men both feel tired, and it is not possible to make delicious meal when they are feeling tired. People who are facing this problem, like to eat ready made meal instead of making meal but to do this is not beneficial for them as they lost a lot of money by ready made meal, with this it also proves dangerous for their health. The British company Moley Robotics(that make’s electronic products) has found the solution of this problem of the people.
The specialists of Moley Robotics are succeed to make such skilled robot named “Robochef” that only not make 10 or 12 dishes rather that is able to make 2000 meal of various types. The price of this Robochef is that possess 20 motors, 24 joints and most sensitive sensors, is 15 thousand dollar. However the technical faults in it are removing. After this Robochef will presented on traditional bases in 2017.
Now you will have your own kitchen assistant in your house that will prepare delicious dishes for you at any time. Robochef is designed for home. The robot is trained by a skilled chef, it can cook any dish and can do any thing, snd can use sink and refrigerator its means it not only prepare meal but also dishwasher, it means you do not even need to wash up afterward. You will also be able to control it by remote using an application, it means you could order your dish when you come back to home.