Blosom, a world’s tallest cow

Blosom, a world’s tallest cow.A cow, named blosom is entered in to the Guinness book of world record as,a world’s tallest cow. The hight of this cow was 6 foot 2 inch. Sadly the cow passed away  on 26 may but will alive in the world record book.  The cow was 13 year old. The reason of its death is the injurious leg that was not well. However the videos and pictures of the cow shows that it was big beautiful cow.

It is entered in the Guinness book of world record in 2016. It is very important about blosom that it was every time in the eyes of people despite it has no any type of problem from it. Around it many people were standing to take its pictures but it was not angry with them.

The owner of the cow Patty Meads Hanson said that it was her father’s cow, my father fed it for 8 year in our family form. When blossom dead, some days ago its name was written in Guinness book of world record. Before blossom the record of highest cow of the world was to the care card mount that was in 1900. That cow was high 0_8 from blossom.

Blosom was living with its owner in an open, pretty and greeny farm, here blosom enjoyed thirty healthy and beautiful days with its adoring owner who loved  it very much and cared it so much.

Blosom was born to normal size cows and according to the patty the owner of the cow, it was few taller when it was 8 year old. It was always friendly with its owner and patty also loves it very much. She has nothing to do but spending time with blosom in field. Patty is very sad at this loss.