Don’t take your phone with you in your bathroom because by doing it you can face health problems. With the reference of local day of hygiene, there has held a ceremony in St. Joseph health care infection control center. In this ceremony manager of the center Any Belaya Choski has informed about the research upon smart phones and tablets.

Belaya choski said that presence of electronic things near various chemicals and spray cause harmful for human health. Chemical that is near the mobile phone Creates (E-coli)bacteria with lasers of the phone that suffers a man to flu. It can cause for nourishment of various diseases. So we should take a notice for it. Unfortunately researches for this are limited that the laser coming out from the devices in our hand damaging us  how many ways. Any also said that according to a research in britain there is this bacteria (E-coli)coli in every 6th phone.

Although it is not a good habit to take your phone with you in bathroom but many people think that bathroom time is a time to update the status on facebook, replying the messages, check the  instagram likes. In fact most of the people probably reading this article during bathroom time right now.

Bathroom are covered in germs, pathogenes and bacteria. According to the experts the surfaces in which most of the bacteria found are toilet handles, the doors, the taps and the floors.

Reynolds says: when you flush the toilet, water with feces and urine sprays about six feet in every direction

If you take your phone with you in the bathroom and wash your hand after using the bathroom than in fact you have not washed your hand as you can’t wash your phone, the germs with the phone may make you sick.