Adults are going to mad

Adults are going to mad. On tweeter and facebook specially in educational groups, there are viral such type of questions, in which there can be see the pictures of fruits or animals and equal to it there is written its integrating price. At the end there is asked the price of two various fruits and vegetables. This types of questions share children but sometimes adults also confused in such types of questions.

We shall tell you its easy way to solve this types of questions.

In this types of questions there are one type of fruits or animals in the first line of the question. We can find the price of one animal or fruit by dividing integrating price on quantity. In the second line there is a fruit or animal from the first line and now you know its price, with this there is a new shape of fruit or animal, you know the price of first line’s animal, you can find second fruit or animal price by keep the first thing’s price separate and remaining price will be of the other thing.

By follow this rule you can find the next fruit or animal’s price. A question that is viral on facebook there are three apple in the first line and their integrating price is 30. We can find one apple’s price by dividing 30 on 3, the price of one apple is 10 rupees. In the second line there is one apple and two bunches of banana and their integrating price is 18, you already know apple’s price that is 10. Now you know the price of apple, if you put out 10 from 18, now you have left 8 so the price of one bunch is 4.

In the 3rd line there is price of banana bunch subtract coconut is equal to 4. Banana bunch price is 4 now subtract 2 from 4, answer is 2. Then the coconut price is 2. At the end they asked the integrating  price of banana bunch, coconut and apple. Your answer is 4+2+10=16,  so 16 is your exact answer.